How 10 Things Will Change The Way You Approach 5 Star App Reviews

This app is amazing. I am a head teacher for a young toddler room. I love that it’s a savvy wya yo share with parents on what is going on in my classroom and share pictures and even write reminders. The parents love it and so do I. It would be even better if you could message parents one on one rather in the group in case you need to talk with them only rather than email than separately. Emails are such a pain.

First – I’m biased. I’m a huge (paying) fan of Tunnelbear VPN. It’s not perfect but in terms of: price, use, function and look it is A+. A password manager in 2020 is not an option at this point. Unfortunately we’re stuck with another monthly bill 5 star app reviews. Remembear does everything it says it does and it enables me to be less concerned with hacks –> You’ve Been Pwned.

 If you use the same password for multiple sites (2+) then you need to admit the year we’re in, pass the ego, and move to a Password Manager no matter which one it is. Chrome. Android. iOS Keychain. Remembear. Lastpass. 1Password. I finally took advantage of paying for this app after using the free version for about a year because it’s fantastic! Even the free version is awesome. It’s been a lifesaver for me because I’m always forgetting passwords or needing help creating a more solid and secure one. Second, their customer service is phenomenal. Something happened with my first download of the app and it basically came down to me having to upload it again and start over. I was about to not do it again because it can be time consuming but the customer service I received was so impressive I decided to come back. Third, I love bears so there’s that. This app is absolutely one of my top 3 favorite and most useful of all the ones I use and have.

I appreciate this for what it does. Encrypt locally, store and sync passwords. It led me down a weekend project to go through all my old accounts, strengthen weak and multi-used passwords, add 2FA where possible, and close many unused accounts from years ago. I now use this on iOS, macOS and Windows. Compared to 1password, it’s simpler and just easier to use. And, of course, bears. This will soon replace iCloud Keychain for me. Good work!

Update to my original review.. Now that I have been using it for a while I love this app. Works almost flawlessly and is super easy to crest and manage passwords. Yes other more expensive managers have more features but if you just need a solid, easy to use, and even fun manager this is perfect. I don’t miss other features from Dashlane anymore and am very happy with the switch over!!


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