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The free plaintext service is genuinely spectacular; I could use it my whole life and be thrilled with it. The security is unparalleled, and will change the way you think and write, even if it’s hard to see how it could at the outset. The extensions you get when you buy in are incredible top app store optimization company. Secure spreadsheets, themes, to do lists, a 2FA manager, you name it. It’s incredible.

I absolutely love the way i can add so many different securities to it, its so helpful to be able to write private things in public without having to worry about someone looking over my shoulder. I can simply hit my homes screen and bam now you need my finger print. Its such a great app and I’m really looking forward to using it in the coming school year(gonna subscribe for that markdown). 11/10 would recommend probably the most well thought out security type app I have had in a while.

I get why note-taking apps like OneNote and Evernote are popular. You can copy paste anything into them, in any order, and they can be organized to a level that would enthrall the most die-hard bureaucrat. Standard Notes is a little more rigid, but I would not trade it for the world for at least the following reasons: – Syncing is fast, much faster and stable than OneNote; – Truly cross-platform. If you add a note on your iPad, it immediately shows up on Ubuntu, Windows, or wherever else you have Standard Notes installed.

– Highly customizable from the plug-in standpoint. You can install a spreadsheet editor, a task manager, select from multiple text editors, and choose one of a handful of themes. A plug-in or theme installed on the desktop app store optimization agencies, also installs that plug-in or theme everywhere else; – The plug-ins and themes that are available are tastefully well-done for the most part, and together they cover most of what you might want in a note-taking app;- The privacy policy is extremely easy to understand and just as reassuring. It is also short. The shortness is probably because when an app does not do anything shady with customer data, does not store data on foreign servers, and encrypts everything so that even the developers cannot read it, there is no need to include 30 pages of self-protecting caveats and legalese;

– Short-term pricing ay be steep, but the first month is free and long-term pricing is a steal. By the end of the first month you should know whether Standard Notes is something you are going to stick with, so paying a year or five years in advance for deep discounts is not a difficult decision to make, one way or another.

I love everything about Standard Notes, from its philosophy to its privacy respecting defaults. It’s open source, encrypted, subscription-based, and has responsive devs on a mission to make a product that matters.

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