Increase ranking of your app by buying real reviews and ratings

How are you doing developers. We hope that you have been well and that your app is blooming with installs and you are moving up in the app store. And if you are not making much of progress, then there is nothing to be worried about. We are here to help you out and make sure that you have the necessary information available to succeed in the app store. Today we are going to talk about app position in the app store and how reviews and ratings can help you in achieving the same.


App Position and the App store


In this article, we will generalize both the iOS App Store and the Play Store by Google as well. This is because both of these app stores work in a similar work and therefore all the methods mentioned in this article can be used for both our iOS app developers and Android app developers as well.


As stated many times, the Play Store is the highest crowded of the app stores with the app count going upto 2.5 million. This is a huge number and the next one is the iOS Play Store with an overwhelming app count of around 2 million. These huge numbers are a clear indication of the opportunities lying in the app store despite the number of apps currently present in the app store


One of the most important things to be careful about is your app position in the app store. There are a number of factors that affect your app ranking in the app store. The most important of these factors are:

         App Installs and downloads

         App reviews and app ratings


These factors have a huge role to play in determining your app’s success in the app store. After all your success is defined by your app’s ranking. Let us talk about the importance of each before finally coming to the main theme of this article.


App Installs are one of the things that decide your app’s rank in the app store. The more installs your app has, the better your app’s rank will be in the app store. There are a number of techniques to improve your app installs and surprisingly every method comes under app promotion techniques. The most easiest way is to follow traditional advertising methods like displaying ads in newspapers, magazines, TVs and other related medium. This is really effective when it comes to improving your app visibility in the app market. You can also invest in social media advertising. Social media is the talk of the day and given the number of people active in social media websites, it is fair only to maintain your social media pages well. Hire a good social media execute and make sure you involve your audience in a well way. This will not only help in improving your app’s brand name but also in increasing the app installs.


The other most important thing is app reviews and app ratings. These are the feedback left by the users upon using your app and it contains vital information related to your app. These reviews are not only helpful in developer’s term of view but also plays an important role in promoting your app. When users install or see your app, they take a look at the app ratings and then go through the app reviews left by the previous users. Only after this, people generally install your app. Therefore it is really important that you have high quality reviews and that your app has a good app rating.

There are number of ways of ensuing that. Before we come to the techniques, let us understand how these app reviews and ratings can help shape your app business.


Importance of app reviews and app ratings for your business


Let us consider a scenario to understand things better. Suppose you are shopping for a headphone at amazon. The item is costly and yes there are lots of brands to select from. How do you know which one you should buy? Generally, you will look at the ratings. You will go through specs and will compare the user ratings for all your favorite headphones. After that, you might shortlist 3-4 products. What is the next step then? Yes, the reviews. After the initial shortlisting,  you will go through the user reviews and also the feedback left by previous users for the buyer and the product as well. After going through these reviews, you finally know which headphone is ideal and should be bought.

The same thing applies to app store. Before installing an app, people go through the app rating and read the app reviews. Only after that, they install an app. Reviews become even more important when it comes to paid apps/services. You might not find success if you app had relatively not-so-good ratings and reviews and it is these ratings that decide whether your app will trend in the app store or not.


Now you might understand of the importance these app reviews and ratings play on your app business. Next comes the big question. 


How to get real ratings and reviews?


The most essential step is to make sure that your app quality is high and that there are no bugs at all in your app. An app which hangs up or has faults will never get good rating and reviews. Instead, any wrong thing in your app will reflect on your app review and this will destroy your reputation. Therefore leave no bugs in your app. The next step is to ask people to rate and review your product. People generally don’t rate or give reviews. This is a very lazy thing to do and many people skip it. To avoid this, aspire people to rate your app. Ask them to write reviews and if necessary reward them for the effort. This will do good to you only. A small investment can do miracles for your app.


If nothing works, you can buy app reviews and ratings. There are many app review websites and management firms that let you buy app ratings and high-quality reviews for your app. You can also make use of freelancers for this. This is it for now. We hope you do well.


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