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App installs and their importance

You must be aware of how important app installs are and how tough it is to get them. This is the soul of the whole business after all. Well, it is the app installs that decide your app visibility in the app store and it is these reviews that ensure that your app remains in the surface of the crowd. The app installs decide your app ranking in the app store. The more number of installs your app has, the more visibility it will have in the app store. Therefore, the most direct way of increasing app visibility in the app store is to buy app installs. This will not only increase your app visibility but will also help to improve your app performance.

When your app will have more installs, it will be visible to more users. If a person is browsing the app store and looking for a specific app, your app will be appearing at the top of the results; thereby your app gets a better chance to be installed by that user. Both the Play Store and the iOS App store work in the same way, so you can be assured that this method will work for you no matter what the store is.

How to buy app installs?

The importance of app install is clear but three is yet another important question. How do you buy these app installs?

There are indeed many places which you can look up to for buying the app installs for your app. The easiest one is to use the app promotion services provided by app management firms. These firms have special packages based on your requirements and budgets and these are highly beneficial in ensuring genuine installs.

The next which you can look for is the app review websites. Similar to app management firms, these web services also offer various app install packages based on your requirement and the quota varies based on your budget. The prices are really affordable and you can rely on these for genuine app installs for your app. But we careful while selecting the service. Today, many services are coming up which are running a scam by fooling fake web services.

And the last one of the measures is by hiring a freelancing club. Well, individual freelancers can also do. It ultimately depends upon your requirement and this can also affect the money that you have to spend for hiring these people.

There are some of the methods by which you can buy app installs and make sure that your app visibility and your app performance is high in the app store. Also, you can try more creative and innovative measures. The only thing you need to be careful about is to not use bots of any kind and to check the authenticity of the firms or web services that you are going to use.


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