If Keywords installs really work yes, How?

Android Apps are a potential area of high business growth and development. If you have a creative idea and a good business plan, then this market has probably everything that you wish to obtain. This is the reason why many people are giving up their desk jobs and are turning towards this. Developers work on new ideas and create an app based on the pitched ideas. 

Android App development is not an easy task. It takes a lot of hard work and determination to develop an app. There are lot of things to be taken care of. The User Interface, the design layout, the features are some of the worth mentioning things. But it is not just that. The purpose of creating app is to take it to the top of charts and make profits from it. 

Traditional Approach 

Well, calling this a traditional approach won’t be right. Yes, we are talking about advertising and marketing strategies. This is the most essential step once you make it through the stage of app development. After submitting your app in the App Store, you need to come up with marketing strategies for your app. The aim is to mobilize people to download your app. 

The App Store has probably millions of app and as per recent figures, daily 300+ apps make it to the Play Store. In such a competitive place, until and unless your app is special, you cannot expect to stand out the crowd. Having good quality and content for your app is a pre-requisite. Without a good quality, you cannot lead the app market charts. The next big thing is advertising.

Pre-Advertising is an underrated process. In this you start talking about your app and start early ads in newspaper and media. This increases your pubic reach and also makes your app a common name even before it is launched. Due to early marketing, your app is known all over and is likely to get good downloads once the app is launched. Next is advertising your app after it is launched. Posting ads in video streaming sites and social networking sites and blogs can be done. Regularly involving in advertising can work wonders for your app and can also enhance app downloads. 

The New Modular Approach

This is probably the new method of securing your app’s performance. This is a heavily used ways right now and is a sure shot in making your app a success. Yes, we are talking about Android Keyword Installs. Let us explain its importance and how this can be a game changer for your app. 

Android Keyword Installs refers to selection of specific words that are meant to enhance your app’s visibility in the play store. There is a concept called Android Keyword Optimization. This includes researching, analysing and choosing specific words for your android app. When people look for an app, they first search as per keywords. These keywords list down some related apps which are then selected and downloaded by the users. This is where Android Keyword Optimization comes. 

By researching your app content and the app store, you can find specific keywords that can boost your app’s standing in the search results. People frequently downloading apps might be aware of this. If you search “peace” in the Play Store, the results will show ‘Headspace’, ‘Aware’ and other apps. These apps do not have peace in their app name but still these names appear when you search for peace. The reason is Android App Optimization. 

Buying Android App Installs

Now you know about app keywords optimization and how it is an important tool. Once you identify your app keywords, the next step is buying android app installs. This can be done by android optimization again. There are many web services which let you help throughout the process. These services scan your app content and also the Play Store and come up with specific keywords that can substantially increase your app’s visibility. Now, when people will search by using any of the assigned keywords, your app will be displayed in the top of the chart.

Here are the few advantages of using Android Keywords.

  • More Visibility: Keywords are the representations of your app. By selecting proper keywords, you can increase your visibility in the app store & enhance the app store ratings. Your app will appear on all related app searches thereby increasing your app’s chances of downloading. 
  • Monitoring traffic: Keywords are a smart way to monitor your app traffic. By looking into the search hits, you can figure out what people are looking for and also about the number of possible users you can amass. This is particularly helpful in re-strategizing plans to increase your app reach. 
  • Improve Ad Content: Based on the keywords searches, you can re-frame your app content. This not only attracts people but also gives you enough statistics to boost up your advertising plan. 
  • The advantages of Android keyword Installs are many and its effect is observable in daily basis. A word of caution: Never use web services that use Bot service. Google has a very strict policy regarding the use of bots. If found, you ranking will go down and chances are there that your app might be removed from the app store.  

Marketing solutions

Do you want to develop a marketing plan for your app?  A good performing app always has a good marketing support and a good advertising to enhance the app installs. In case you are a newbie and you don’t know where to go; you need not worry. 

There are number of marketing firms and app development websites which provide help to new developers in terms of developing business strategies for their app and to develop an all round marketing solution for the app. 

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