Ways to get Android app reviews

Reviews are regarded as the customer’s first choice when it comes to trust issues related to an app. Here are some ways to collect user feedback on your app.

  1. Build a good app. your app should be good enough where people can’t resist to review and rate your app.
  2. Don’t irritate your users. Let them be free whenever they want they can review the app. don’t ask ever for specific ratings or reviews. Do ask them if they are enjoying the app or not. It should never appear in between competition of a very important task this irritates them from root and they review worst. You should ask them when they have successfully completed their job.
  3. Whenever users don’t rate good or review bad or ask queries, don’t ever feel shy to answer. Apologize for wrong and ask for better things you can do in future to make your app better than it was before. Respond to feedback makes a strong connection between app developer and users. This maintains retention rate too.
  4. You can ask your customers to leave a short comment about your app when they use your app. it will take only few minutes and if they really liked your app they will review it for sure. Through this way you can collect many reviews and ratings.
  5. Mutual help. You can go for mutual help. There are some companies that do it. They review your app and you review their app. it’s that simple no fakes.
  6. You can ask your users to share your app with their friends on some reward system where they review and rate app and get rewards.
  7. By reviewing on Google Play store for any app, users can become guide related to particular field. For which you have to complete certain task and terms & conditions apply.
  8. Fix things as soon as possible for which people are complaining about. It shows that this app is active and is ready to do every possible change for customer’s conveniences.  
  9. Update your app with more mind-blowing functions and remove unwanted features from your app to make it more professional meaningful. 
  10. Show patience. People may abuse your app they may say it worst but that is not a place for fight. You should answer in most sincere way. Think it as a test and conquer over your fear by making your app more competitive and challenging so that next time criticism turns into praise. 

Paid app reviews

There are many companies out there from where you can buy app reviews too but certainly developers hesitate to buy because it is also risky. You have to check thoroughly about every company because one single fake review can ban your app from play stores. It’s not like unsafe but developers want to gain organic installs with organic real reviews and ratings. You can buy the buy Android review as well as for iOS.

Google is clamping not only on reviews (fake) but also on installs spamming. Applications that are not trying to game with Google Ranking algorithms for visibility are still permitted. Developers must not to attempt the placement in the Google play. It is talking about illegitimate, fraudulent installs, reviews and ratings. It must be clear now that how much it is important now to buy installs & reviews from real company and 100% original users, who download, install the app and give review with their active profiles which is true for which you should rely on organic reviews and ratings otherwise buy after satisfying with company and its users.

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