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My 8yr old little girl and I love this application! It would be decent if all the updates were in the two houses and infant things in the new house and considerably another bed in one of the kids’ room. We have subbed the school for everything from café to a congregation (for a wedding) I truly appreciate this application, and it was certainly not a misuse of cash. I simply have one inquiry… WHAT DO THE CANS DO?! Is it accurate to say that they are JUST THERE FOR SHOW, OR DO THEY ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING?! IS THERE A SECRET CAN OPENER?! IS IT SOUP, OR SOMETHING ELSE?! On the off chance that IT’S SOUP, HOW DO YOU COOK IT?! If it’s not too much trouble help me, I truly need to know! Sorry for yelling at you… Indeed, this is an astounding application, however… WHERE’S THE SOUP?!to the library, so it would be incredible if a portion of these things were included. My girl likewise needs more garments and adornments since she needs each house to have its own garments and she doesn’t care for that they need to share. Extra individuals would be decent in the event that you are playing with all the applications it difficult to have the option to have enough for various exercises. earn talk time app

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These are only a couple of recommendations I have some more. Yet, I would prefer not to make this to long. I welcome everything you do and have finished with this game it is fun are for the most part ages I’m 14 and play this and my younger sibling who is 6 plays it and we love it! So please make a couple of updates!!” I recollect the day when I was haphazardly searching for games and discovered these! (This was before Furniture you can purchase and it will supplant the one at the house you pick, in the event that you need it back you can go to the store and change it. For instance the high seat in the kitchen you can purchase another or change the shading to pink green and earthy colored, and so on.” the school and medical clinic were made 😁) I love the games so a lot however I wish you could in any event include a few things, I realize it takes you a long effort to draw the game, and afterward energize it. Yet, I figure this won’t be a ton of work money earning apps


These games are magnificent. I just got them all! Yet, I have a couple of thoughts. Most importantly, I like having more homes in the town purchase android surveys. The town can just home one family. Furthermore, I have no where to put some other kids. Additionally I might want to have the option to include give youngsters more things (discretionary). Likewise (once more) I might want the application to be free, kinda like an extension pack… So I don’t need to spend more cash on the applications. A debt of gratitude is in order for listening!!I love this game since I can search for various things like frozen yogurt and purchase slushies for my family from my play home and purchase the CUTEST garments for the children and baby!!!!! My grandma got this application for me and I LOVE IT!!!!!!! Everything’s soooo cute!!!! Absolutely worth the cash! I’d demand a merry go round ride for the children to ride or a my playhome shopping center with a merry go round,, and possibly a lodging with a pool, or a my playhome play area! Sorry if that seems like a great deal however I truly LOVE your games!!!!  earn free talktime

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