What is a mobile app?

Mobile app is a software application which is basically developed for utility services of any kind for use a small, wireless devices like Smartphone, tablets etc. Apps are generally small software units with limited functions compatible for devices. Mobile applications are designed for the purpose of providing various kinds of services in a limited time like shopping, ticket booking, gaming, social networking, educational and many other kinds of app. Applications are stored or published at app store like Google play store, Amazon app store, Iphone app store etc. there are different kinds of app under different categories.


Who use your mobile app?

Mobile app is used by users. They download app from play store according to their requirements. In Google play store people login to playstore and download different kinds of app.

On what basis they download the app?

You already know that in Google play store of Apple app store there are millions of app are well placed but all apps are not downloaded by users. There are many similar apps but users have their own choice, preference, they have their own way of selecting as to download which app. so what are those basis or factors?

A rational or logical user sees many things before downloading any app.1. App must be famous,’s features must be stunning or of high quality, must be downloaded by various people, must be recommended by various users who have used before, there must be high rating of app, overall visibility of app must be good.

What are reviews and ratings?

Reviews are personal shared experiences by users. In Review they users write various things like they demand necessary changes, they suggest what is good in app, and they recommend future users whether to download an app or not, in all aspects they show true colours of app.

Ratings are the first thing that is noticed by users on the basis of which they download the app. ratings and reviews both are necessary and they complement each other very much. When people are not satisfied with only ratings they prefer to look at reviews from where they take idea whether the app is worth downloading or not.

Reviews and ratings help you in getting higher ranking-

Reviews and rankings are the best way to get higher ranking position in app store and play store. If you get higher ratings and more of positive as well as influencing reviews it will improve app ranking in the app store. A fast and efficient way is to buy app reviews from several companies out there in the market. Positive reviews brings more of downloads and installs undoubtedly. You can buy reviews from reliable company who provides only real reviews unique influencing and outstanding reviews that can change positively the mind of targeted audience. Through this way you can improve your app’s rank.

Advantages related to reviews and ratings and it affects your app-

  1. It gives you proper feedback –

Customer’s way of thinking for an app plays major role for growth of an app developer, their genuine reviews can help a lot to make your apps features more worthwhile.

  1. Android app ratings –

Ratings up to 4-5 stars show the goodness of your app but reviews qualifies app ratings. It shows satisfying customers need personally and the extent of happiness with it.

  1. Android app rank –

High ratings and positive reviews will ultimately go for increasing the ranking of your app in the appstore, as it increases rankings and benefits customer as well as app developer at the same time with more downloads 

  1. Increase the chances of Downloads-

Basically app with positive reviews and higher ratings are regarded as good thing. It attracts more and more customer. Many customers come only on the basis of reviews and rating. App store comments and ratings affect the download rates and before downloading most of the users view reviews and ratings, rating above 4 and positive reviews can change the download rate easily.

  1. 90-95% people download only on the basis of ratings and reviews

Maximum installs are thankful to reviews and ratings because rating and reviews show the worth of app.

  1. improves visibility –

Reviews and ratings improves visibility of app. many users feel disappointed with app when they see an app with below 4rating and poor reviews. So it’s very necessary as to keep a stock of highly unique, great and app promoting reviews. Ratings are always first impression.

  1. Ranking algorithm

Google takes ranking and reviews as very important aspects while deciding rank of app. so good rankings and reviews are must.

Android reviews

Reality is many users don’t bother to review and rate the app. so lack of reviews appears. In this case developers prefer buying reviews and ratings from companies in the market which is ok. But before buying certain things to be keep in mind and i.e-

  • Before going for buying any reviews, ratings or installs, Every App developer should understand his/her responsibility that the app must be effective and challenging, fully charged with amazing features and can beat competition. Confidence over app here is 1st thing that is needed.
  • Always go for market search, ask several questions at various sites like Quora and others. Do proper search work before investing. And always prefer company that is expertise and renowned in its field.
  • Plan a budget and select companies according to your budget and their plans because paying more than your budget is not effective. 
  • Always get reviews from real users. Because Google is very smart and can easily detect the fake ones that won’t be good. Real reviews bring rankings up and more organic installs.

From where you can consider buying reviews-


  1. Applytics

They provide high quality keyword focused reviews. Their all reviews are provided by real users only and with proper in integrity check. They have different price plan like-

  • base with 150$ 50reviews and 300installs,
  •  growth with 220$ 100reviews 440installs, 
  • Maxima with 1000$ 500reviews 2000installs and keyword is required in all.

 They are geographically scattered with scattered users everywhere. They provide iOS reviews also from genuine users.

  1. Appsviral-

They provide amazing offers like – 10Android app reviews and ratings in 12$ deliver in just 1-4days, 20Android app reviews and ratings 24$ delivery in just 1-6days, 50 Android app reviews and ratings 54$ delivery in just 2-10days.

  1. Review Lancer

Get ratings reviews for both Android as well as iOS. You can get free and unlimited reviews here to your mobile app. You just have to sign up, add your apps; you may receive review from different community members. Get unlimited reviews that will increase your app download and gain profits.

  1. Reviewsapp4u

They also have different price policy here mentioned below-

  • Basic plan 90$ 30positive reviews 30app download 30 4/5 ratings 100% real users.
  • Standard plan 140$ 50positive reviews 50app download 50 4/5 ratings.
  • Customized 20% off like order 50+ reviews 5% off , order 100+ reviews ,20% off
  • Pro plan 240$ 100positive reviews with 100app downloads and 100 4/5 ratings.
  1. Fewreview –

They are experts in boosting your app through reviews. They provide safe reviews which do not like you have paid for reviews. Their reviews are written by naive speakers not bots or fakes. You can easily use, they are always there to guide you and here actually users use your app for a week at least.

  1. Reviews-Ninja-

They enhance app ratings, organic installs, improves search rankings and all important services. Like others they also have price plan and you can check it here also. Here it is given below –

  • Basic -99$ 50well written reviews, 100app downloads delivery in 3 days, up to 5custom keywords.
  • Premium – 199$ 100well written reviews, 200app downloads, here up to 10custom keywords. Delivery in just 5 days.
  • Advanced- 299$ 200really well written, beautifully described reviews,400 app downloads, up to 20custom keywords, delivery in just 8 days. And 24*7 support in all.

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