DIY Kitchen – A Way To Create Memories, Love, And Health

We get everything now over the counter of a grocery store or on a grocery app, but there is still a charm to those homemade condiments, sauces, compotes, and baked goodies that we can never get from a home delivery and which makes us remember our good old days when grandma used to cook everything from scratch and how delicious they were. Creating these condiments isn’t as difficult as we think, and we can easily create them, though getting the same taste of grandma’s sauces is difficult or rather impossible.

1. Create something new

There is a joy in creating or cooking on your own; it is almost like a meditation where you are busy in your world and trying to connect various flavors into one bottle of goodness. Let’s get back to cooking and create some amazing culinary delights and celebrate creativity and passion without running for grocery shopping.

2. Delicious Condiments

Buying ketchup and mustard sauce from grocery delivery is super convenient, but how about creating a delicious barbeque sauce mixed with your favorite herbs? Sounds exotic? It will taste exotic, too, and that too under a budget. You can start with condiments in your DIY kitchen, as they are relatively easier to make. Create some of the most unique condiments from scratch and control everything as per your liking.

3. Saucy sauces

Homemade sauces are a game changer, especially a classic marinara spread on our wood-fired pizzas, which is a delicacy to enjoy in peace. Create your alfredo sauce and pesto zesty sauce, and enjoy how these flavors taste with various combinations. You can never taste this from Lulu shopping spree as you can customize these sauces to complement any specific dish you are creating.

4. Rewind with baking

We all have baked something in the pandemic, be it banana bread or a marble cake. It is a great way to unwind where our hands are all sticky while our home smells delicious. You get the privilege to experiment with various combinations and even make these treats healthier if you want to.

5. Make it better and healthier.

When you are cooking everything on your own, you get the option of making all of your creations healthier. Switching all-purpose flour with whole wheat flour or adding a mix of seeds to our baked goods can easily make them healthier. Using locally grown produce will help you make your condiments much healthier without any artificial preservatives.

6. Bond with your family

Cooking is a great way to bond with your family or extended family with whom you haven’t got enough time. So plan out a day or two in a week where all of you come together and create some amazing condiments, sauces, and baked goods. Experiment with these ingredients and cook some memorable dishes, which will also make your bonds much stronger and naturally loved.


A hint of creativity to a huge dollop of love will make all the difference in your cooking and your relationships. So before going for online home delivery, think about creating your own condiments, sauces, jams and so on will not only improve your mental peace but also make the whole family much healthier and free from all preservative foods. So, in the upcoming weekends, take some time out and create some memories that will last you even longer than these condiments. Happy Cooking!

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