Jay Adelson
Jay Adelson is a serial entrepreneur known for his work founding and running companie ssuch as Equinix, Digg, Revision3, and SimpleGeo. His work has had a profound impact on the development of the Internet itself, the development of social media and the new age of a prolific, ubiquitous and location-aware set of technologies. In 2008, Jay was selected by Time Magazine as one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World.
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Dror Berman
As the founding Managing Partner of Innovation Endeavors, Dror invests in the raw talent behind a dream. He loves working with entrepreneurs who explore uncharted territory on their path to creating game-changing ventures. Throughout his career, Dror has been passionate about using technology to personalize people’s experiences in the world. Prior to joining Innovation Endeavors, Dror worked on global search strategy with Yahoo, spearheaded an R&D team at NICE Systems, and led business development for an Israeli CE retailer. He also spent three years in an elite unit at the Israeli Defense Forces.
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Michael Eisenberg
Michael Eisenberg joined Benchmark Capital as a general partner in July 2005 from Israel Seed Partners where he was a general partner since July 1997. Eisenberg began his career at Jerusalem Global where he started and led the firm’s successful investment banking group and partnership with Montgomery Securities. Michael has focused on Internet investments since 1995 and has invested in and sat on the board of Israel’s leading companies and start ups, such as Shopping.com  (Nasdaq SHOP, acquired by EBAY), Conduit, SeekingAlpha, Gigya, Tunewiki, Wix,   Answers.com  (Nasdaq ANSW), Tradeum (acquired: VERT), and Picturevison (acquired: EK). Michael writes a Blog on Internet trends, Israeli politics and children’s issues. Michael also serves on the board Yeshivat Har Etzion, Israel’s largest yeshiva combining traditional Talmudic study with military service. He also serves on the Board of the Shomer Hachadash (New Guardians), an organization dedicated to engendering mutual responsibility among Israelis.
 Michael lectures frequently on the topics of Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship. He holds a BA in Political Science from Yeshiva University in New York. Michael lives in Jerusalem, Israel with his wife and eight children.
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Ronel Mor
Ronel Mor is a designer, entrepreneur and educator. Founder of Mantis , a leading firm in the Israeli interactive landscape. Through Mantis, Ronel has lead and directed thousands of projects for some industry leading brands known and acknowledged world wide. Over the years Ronel has employed, educated and mentored some of the most influential people in the professional community today. Ronel is head of the Interactive design program at the visual communication department at Bezalel Academy where he teaches for over 12 years.Today, Ronel continues to work at Mantis, which he sold to NGSoft over a year ago, He also performs as a consultant for numerous projects and ventures within the academy and in the start-up landscape.
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Amir Shevat
Amir Shevat is a Developer Relations Program Manager at Google. Amir is working with Israeli developers and startups - Promoting Google Technologies as well as Free Open Source Software and open standards in the Israeli market. Amir is a leading member of Google's entrepreneurship outreach in Israel. Google for Entrepreneurs has programs all over the world to foster entrepreneurship, empowering the next generation of innovators to be successful.
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